Chapman Ducote

Chapman Ducote

Professional Race Car Driver, Entrepreneur & Athlete. These three words describe Chapman Ducote’s myriad pursuits over the past two decades.

After graduating from the University of Miami in three years, Chapman Ducote accepted an investment banking position with Jeffries & Company in New York City for a brief one year stint before he went on to money management and day trading with CIBC Oppenheimer in Texas.  Missing South Florida and ready to start his own business ventures, Chapman returned to Miami Beach and embarked on a series of successful deals, ranging from real estate investing and developing (with projects including the Brooklyn Hotel, the Pelican Garage, Iguana Point, and Coral Cay – a private island in the Bahamas) to building and maintaining several of his own companies.  Beginning in 1994, and enduring throughout this foray into the business world of investing and developing, Chapman continued to pursue his true passion: racing on a professional level.  Over the years, Chapman has won several of the most competitive races in the American Le Mans Series in a variety of cars including: LMP1, LMPC, and a GT1 car for Aston Martin.

Currently, Chapman Ducote is the President and CEO of Merchant Services LTD, a full scale, vertically integrated credit card processing company headquartered in the heart of Miami Beach.  Founded by Chapman in 2005, Merchant Services LTD has grown to over 500 employees and is a tier one merchant service processor that is certified by Visa/MasterCard and is a leading provider of merchant processing solutions and products nationwide and internationally.  While there are thousands of sales offices that broker merchant services throughout the country, Merchant Services LTD is one of a handful of certified financial institutions that are actually able to process a credit card transaction from start to finish on behalf of a merchant.  While unsurprisingly Chapman now focuses the vast majority of his time and energy on building Merchant Services LTD, as well as its sister company, Starboard Funding which runs a merchant lending program, Chapman has still managed to scrape together enough time to stay competitive in the professional racing circuit.

In 2010, against competitors who race as their full-time job, Chapman garnered an incredible second place finish at the final race of the American Le Mans season called the Petite Le Mans, a twelve hour race that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Looking forward, Chapman plans to extend the reach of his racing career to the European circuit and race the 6 hours of Imola, the fourth race in the line of Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

For the 2011 Season, Chapman Ducote set his sights on both the American and European races, taking four podiums with a win in Italy. On July 3rd, 2011, Chapman Ducote made his debut into European Motorsports at the 6 Hours of Imola, the fourth race in the illustrious series of Intercontinental Le mans Cup races. And, whats a debut it was! Pitted against a field of seasoned European competition, Ducote rose to the top in his JMB Racing #99 Formula Le Mans (FLM) machine, and claimed his place on the coveted top step of the podium, making this his tenth career Le Mans Series podium.

When not in the cockpit of his LMP1 race car or behind his CEO desk in Miami Beach, Chapman also enjoys road biking and yachting in Palm Beach, snow-boarding and snowmobiling in Aspen, motocross, spear fishing and free-diving in the Bahamas. Chapman Ducote just recently set a personal free-diving record by diving 128 feet on a single breath of air.  Lastly, Chapman demonstrates his love for the arts and commitment to the Miami Beach community through his service on the Board of Directors of the Miami Symphony Orchestra & benefactor of the Perez Art Museum Miami. Clearly not just your average racer; over the years Chapman Ducote has developed into a well-rounded individual and successful business man and looks forward to harvesting new opportunities in both the business and racing worlds.

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